The Summit


PRAXIS is an acronym for the Public Relations And Corporate Communications India Summit. It is the world's largest festival of Reputation Management professionals (also know as Public Relations practitioners). The summit was born in November 2012 and travels to different cities annually. The organisers who comprise a dozen volunteers from different organisations do not repeat venues, speakers, bands and the menu.

The purpose of PRAXIS is to offer the fraternity a platform to gather, to learn, to share and to engage. In Latin, PRAXIS means 'to act' or 'to do'. During the two day summit over 500 professionals travel mainly from the three major metros to listen to speakers from India and overseas who share insights on a theme. A live music performance on the first night and the Fulcrum Awards, post PRAXIS on the second night make the experience lively.

The summit is supported by the leading PR firms based in India and is affordable to those who plan well in advance to attend. Participants include senior communications directors, CEOs of PR firms, middle management - both from consulting firms and in-house as well as representatives from support companies. The conference ensures that the audience stays in one or two official hotels which ensures bonding and time to connect. Reputation Today magazine was born at PRAXIS.

PRAXIS Schedule


Day 1 - Friday, 27th September

3.30 pm Group Photo and Welcome  
4.15 pm Inaugural Address  
4.45 pm Keynote Address 1  
5.30 pm Keynote Address 2
6.15 pm Keynote Address 3
7.00 pm Felicitations
7.15 pm Super Night Power Talk
8.15 pm Cocktails and Conversations

Day 2 - Saturday, 28th September

9.30 am Lucky Draw
10.00 am Keynote Address 4
10.45 am Keynote Address 5
11.30 am Tea Break
11.55 am Panel Discussion 1
12.35 pm Panel Discussion 2
1.15 pm Lunch
2.15 pm Keynote Address 6
3.00 pm Keynote Address 7
3.45 pm Keynote Address 8
4.30 pm Vote of Thanks
7.00 pm Awards Night
- -

Day 3 - Sunday, 29th September

8:00 am Breakfast in respective hotels
9:00 am Departures

PRAXIS Registration

The full PRAXIS ticket costs Rs 30,000/- + GST. However, the organising team in collaboration with partners is offering individuals a few tickets in phases that are non cancelable and non transferable. These tickets do not include stay.
Super Early Bird Valid From 10th October 2018 till 18th October 2018 - 8 days, 80 tickets Rs 10000
Very Early Bird Valid From 19th October 2018 till 19th December 2018, 80 tickets Rs 12000
Regular Early Bird Valid From 20th December 2018 till 31st March 2019, 80 tickets Rs 15000

The following tickets are available for groups and corporates through the invoicing method for 3 or more tickets. 2 or less tickets will have to be purchased online. These tickets do not include stay.
Corporate Early Bird Valid From 1st April 2019 till 30th June 2019 Rs 20000
Final Discounted Price Valid From 1st July 2019 till 30th August 2019 Rs 25000
Actual Price Valid From 1st September 2019 till 15th September 2019 Rs 30000
GST @ 18% extra for all tickets. Explara charges not included

Summit Partners